Sports ARE Social

With social media ruling every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that sports are now being shared and celebrated through a whole new dynamic.

#1 Fans

 Social media is also very beneficial in the sports world because of the connections it creates on a global scale. Sports popular in only specific regions of the world have a chance to be broadcasted, shared and talked about anywhere. Soccer is a great example of that because it is popular all over the world and people have been using social media as a tool to connect and watch. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person on Facebook with 108.7 million fans because of his massive global appeal. Each social media offers different benefits to sports fans ranging from live game updates to interactions with athletes. Here’s a visual representation of how sports fans engage on social media through multiple lenses, and how it is benefiting brands and media relationships. 

sports are social


Twitter & TV

According to Neilson, sports events comprised 12 of the Top 20 Most-Tweeted-About TV broadcasts during the year. The Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Cup and many more are prime examples of events that attract millions of social media interactions and hashtags that usually are generated through Twitter. In the last two years, over 50% of Tweets regarding TV in the United Stated, over 500 million Tweets, were about sports events. Sports fans are 67% more likely to use Twitter to enhance their viewing experience compared to non-sports fans and get to connect to other fans on a global scale. Brands who are endorsed by world class athletes use that as an advantage on Twitter, and prove that one well placed tweet by a star could position their product at the top instantaneously. It’s just another example of how social media is involving itself in every vertical of our lives, and changing consumer behavior forever.