Here’s How The NBA Will Change Watching Sports Forever

Tech giants want to combine virtual reality & the NBA to create a social sports explosion. Will VR continue its global takeover?

The NBA is known for being a very forward thinking sports league with one of the largest and fastest growing audience and social media presence in the world. Unlike other sports league that are harsh with privacy laws and players interacting via social, the NBA encourages the use of social media to commentate on players, games, and issues surrounding the league.

True to their innovative way of operating, the NBA is also one of the first sports leagues to begin integrating virtual reality into the player/viewer experience. Since the NBA has become such a global fan favorite, VR now has the unique ability to take fans in China and have them watch Dwyane Wade court side without leaving their home. Samsung Gear VR did a demonstration with their headsets being used by tech professionals outside an arena during a game this past season, and it looks like it may the first of many games enjoyed from your court side living room.



For more information, access the article from Wired here.