The Next Big Podcast Network: Influencers and Athletes

“The Los Angeles-based team’s already working with a variety of creators, including SLAM Magazine, Hardaway, the World Surf League, Tyson, and an influence slate deal with major creator talent agency Studio71, among others.”

Just last week the startup company Himalaya launched a new network. The network will target two of society’s most sought after groups – influencers and athletes. HiStudious already has agreements with the likings of boxing legend Mike Tyson and former NBA player Penny Hardaway. Even though HiStudio has already paired with blue chip talent, that is not the only aspect that is lining them up for success. HiStudio has close ties to Ximalay, (one of China’s largest audio platforms) who is one of Himalaya’s largest investors.

HiStudio plans to utilize many roles in the industry. While they will be paying for outside talent and production, they intend to make their producers, editors, and studios available for public use.

HiStudio will be distributed on all apps. However, because it stems from Himalaya, creators will be incentivized to get their listeners to listen on the Himalaya app. If influencers or athletes are able to get their audiences to follow them on the Himalaya app, they will be given an extra bonus.

The CEO of HiStudios, Peter Vincer, has expressed his desire to not be limited to one medium. While the company will focus on audio products, they are determined to reach into both the audio and video products that are featured on common social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

So how does the interconnection between Himalaya (an English-Language podcast app), HiStudios (Himalaya’s new startup), and Ximalaya (a Chinese audio app that claims over 400 million downloads) set up each company for success? According to Vincer, Himalaya benefits from creators trying to earn extra cash and directing people to the app. Aside from simply receiving follower bonuses, the app will also include premium options.

As for Ximalaya, they now get the chance to work with a content creation company that is English based. Vincer has said that over 1 million of Ximalaya’s users listen to English podcasts. Figuring out the best global opportunity is already in the plans of these companies.

Recently, both iHeartMedia and Stitcher Wondery worked towards appealing to global audiences. By translating podcasts to several different languages and selling ads for other audiences in countries like the UK, it is clear other companies are steering towards the international market. With HiStudio’s already having an in with a major Chinese app, don’t be surprised to see this startup making strides to becoming a global hit.

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