Why Social Media Companies Can’t Easily Replace Humans With AI

“Silicon Valley has been at the vanguard of the AI revolution, pioneering the developments that have pushed the field forward. At the same time, those companies have also been hiring vast armies of human workers to augment the limitations of those very same algorithms.”

It seems today that there is a lot of topic surrounding the phenomenon of AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence. There are different conversations regarding the subject: the potential dangers and benefits of AI, how much do we really know about AI, and how will it impact humans in the workforce. However, social media can provide some answers regarding job security. Social media companies serve as a reminder that it is still difficult to replace humans with AI.

Regardless of companies expressing their desires to make more money and be more productive by using AI, Facebook proves otherwise. While Facebook has invested and demonstrated interest in AI, they have also hired thousands of human content moderators to watch over AI algorithms. It proves to us that the AI revolution is still in its early stages.

For the time being, humans will not be replaced by robots. It will look more like positive symbiotic relationship giving us the best of both worlds.

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