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Raydr for Influencers

Your influence matters. Maximize your social media presence with revenue-generating branded campaigns, strategic partnerships, and exclusive offers from the world’s best-loved Brands. Join a trusted network of A-list influencers and leverage your social channels to maximum effect.

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Raydr for Brands

Create impactful campaigns and manage all of your social activity in a single, intuitive social intelligence platform. Connect, engage and optimize in real-time and leverage the power of our influencer network to spread your Brand’s message. Amplify, Simplify and Optimize all from one place with Raydr.

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A New Era of Social Engagement

Raydr is a complete social ecosystem that allows Brands & Organizations to easily control their entire social media strategy, increase end-user engagement, and access real-time, actionable intelligence.

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Brand Social Automation

Intelligent Connections
Optimize Exposure

For Brands

All your social needs in one place

Take the guesswork out of your social media strategy with our powerful suite of social intelligence tools.

•  Aggregate all your social activity in minutes with our customizable social hubs.
•  Create real-time reputation monitoring and sentiment analysis alerts.
•  Power your website, mobile app, or next event with real-time social feeds.
•  Expand your reach and engage with social media stars via our influencer network.
•  Develop impactful campaigns with our team of award-winning digital strategists.
•  Create deeper engagement opportunities with industry leading analytics and reporting.

Create Your Social Hub in Minutes

The Raydr Social Hub was built from the ground up to be flexible. Add one of your social feeds, or all of them; choose your color scheme; customize your layout; and publish to your devices.

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For Brands

Real-Time Social Intelligence

Our Social Intelligence Dashboard provides a deeper understanding of your social activity and impact. Track sentiment, comments, activity, engagement and more while identifying influencers & trends in real-time.

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Connect with our Influencers

Develop lasting relationships with A-list social influencers, create automated influencer marketing campaigns, and track it all in one centralized social intelligence platform

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For Brands

Create deeper engagement opportunities

Raydr ‘s personality matching tools, allow you to tap into the ever expanding world of social influencers and connect your brand to personalities that match your core values.

Looking for a fashion influencers on Instagram, or travel personality on twitter? Our two stage validation process connects you with verified and trusted influencers who are relevant to your brand.

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Social Influencer Network

92% of consumers say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising

Influencer Optimization

RaydrOne is your complete Brand Development platform

Consolidate, Amplify, Monetize & Grow
For Influencers

Maximize Your Social Influence

You have invested in and built up your social influence while developing a network of loyal followers. Raydr provides you with a complete suite of social intelligence tools to maximize engagement, publish your content, grow your network, and connect with the world’s top brands and companies that are looking for influencers just like you.

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Join the Raydr influencer network and get connected with brands and companies looking to meet you. Grow your network, expand your influence, and monetize your profiles.

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RaydrOne is a catalyst for building and monetizing your brand

Your influence matters

Maximize your social media presence with revenue-generating branded camtpaigns, strategic partnerships, and exclusive offers from the world’s best-loved Brands. Join a trusted network of A-list influencers and leverage your social channels to maximum effect.

RaydrOne gives you, the influencer, a complete Brand Development platform paired with award winning, web portal and mobile App development, community and social media management, podcast/media hosting and streaming and e-commerce applications.
Each Portal/App includes the ability to create:

• A branded personal web portal
• Launch merchandise via your own e-commerce store
• Host live streams and master classes
• Create an on-demand videos library
• Launch a branded blog/vlog
• Integrate all your social activity into one stream
• Implement AI powered chat commerce for all your social accounts
• Build an active community of fans and followers
• NFT strategy, development and deployment
• Access deep analytics on fans, followers, performance, and much more.

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